Oliver Massey

Architectural Technology BSc(Hons)

My name is Oliver Massey and I am a final year architectural technology student. During my time as a student I have learned a variety of skills to help me enter the professional world. I have also gained experience with the tools, I will need to help me along that path. Some of the things that I have learned include familiarity with the building regulation and British drawing standards, an appreciation for sustainable design and construction, construction business and how different stakeholders can influence construction in many different ways. Supporting all this is my digital design knowledge having gained skills in AutoCAD and Revit for my design-based knowledge by producing the various design elements of construction such as technical drawings and floor plans or weather it’s the project management side of things having learned software like Microsoft project. This portfolio presents an example from one of my final year modules which challenge me to produce a design of a 3-bedroom house utilising tools within this software. This includes the use of mass modelling and photo editing techniques to create the poster design.