Daniel Bertenshaw

Architectural Technology BSc(Hons)

Design Strategies to avoid self-inflicted harm in Mental Hospitals

The dissertation was based on design strategies to avoid self-inflicted harm in Mental Hospitals. Thus, the Fieldside Hospital was designed and modelled following in-depth research on how mental hospitals are designed and developed to avoid self-inflicted harm or suicide. The in-patient hospital offers therapy and treatment spaces for 12 individuals, the building has 6 beds for males and 6 beds for females, all bedrooms have their own personal en-suites allowing a personal private experience in their recovery. The hospital was designed with various wings to the building separating the two gender spaces and offices spaces, however the inclusion of a central social area allowed the different sexes to socialise if they wanted to. The dissertation focused on the specific elements in the hospital which prevents self-harm and suicide, this included specialist components such as anti-ligature doors, anti-ligature windows and other items such as anti-ligature sanitaryware.