Harry Mackley

Architectural Technology BSc(Hons)

Adopting Effective Acoustic Design solutions for UK Primary Schools

Designing with acoustic design solutions is usual practice within many sectors of architecture, however this should be taken beyond the current standards and policies, to achieve better conditions for pupils and teachers within the environment where they spend decades of their life within.

This dissertation has been based upon the need to adopt these acoustic design solutions within a building model. The purpose of the research is to gather knowledge and information regarding the importance of acoustics, the real effects they have on speech intelligibility, teach-ing capabilities with better acoustics, and the current government standards and policies published within the UK to maintain these standards. This was gathered through a comprehensive literature review. Following from the literature review a systematic design process was used, the stages were based on the RIBA plan of works 2020. The features within the building information model were utilised in creating a detailed design, along with scheduling and specification.