Andrew Arowosegbe

Architectural Technology BSc(Hons)

Care homes services is a big industry in the UK as well as other
countries around the world. I will say that care home services in
the UK could be getting close to as big as the NHS itself and for
an industry like, it is only proper to examine the architectural
designs of its buildings to ensure that it meets the user
requirement. So, this dissertation will be examining how a
residential building could be redesigned and converted to a care
home dwelling. A lot of care home dwelling were buildings that
were originally for residential dwellings. So, such buildings do
not possess the facilities it would take to give care home users a
better, safe and comfortable life. This dissertation, aims to bring
in some of the basic facilities that would be needed in a care
home into the building that would be redesigned for the
purpose of a care home.
Research would be done to this
effect, precedent studies would
be carried out and questionnaire/interview would be conducted
to arrive at expected solutions to this problem.
The researcher, would be adopting a residential building and
redesigning it to a purpose built care home dwelling. In the end,
this proposed care home dwelling would be expected to meet
the building regulation standard of a care home as well as
meeting the needs of the care home users.