Rory Tucker

Architectural Technology BSc(Hons)

In March 2021, the government announced an MMC
Taskforce which aims to increase the amount of MMC
housing in the UK. As part of their new affordable homes
programme, 25% will be built using MMC (The Authority
of the House of Lords, 2021).

However, despite the push for MMC there is still
controversy regarding it’s suitability. The Building
Research Establishment highlighted concerns about the
public perception of MMC, stating that consumers
continue to have reservations about the quality of MMC
homes. In addition, the Chartered Institute of Building
was concerned that without due diligence or
professionalism, MMC could be sub-standard (The
Authority of the House of Lords, 2021).

This dissertation aims to address the suitability of MMC,
specifically timber framing, as a potential solution to
meet housing needs in the UK.