Yaning Cai

Architectural Technology BSc(Hons)

From ancient times to the present day, the
relationship between architecture and the
environment has followed an uneven path.
From the early days when mankind had
to live in dependence on the environment
due to a lack of technology, mankind
has held technology that has become so
powerful that it can defy the environment
and even transform it at will. Fortunately, at
a time when environmental problems are
becoming increasingly serious and urgent,
most humans have come to realize that
architecture must be built to co-exist with
the environment. The future of architecture
and the environment must be faced with
greater care, and the concept of sustainable
development is gradually moving from a
macro-strategy into the construction industry.
As a spatial vehicle for people, architecture,
after satisfying spatial and technical
elements, has become a new objective and
criterion, which largely determines the future
living environment of mankind. In the fi eld
of architectural design, the use of energy
effi ciency and renewable resources in design
is an important subject of study in this paper.
The use of materials in the design of the
building and the rationalization of the building
structure are two of the main directions
of the sustainable design of this project.