Andrada Costin

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


The project started from the idea around Raëlism – a new movement or religion that ‘an extraterrestrial species known as Elohim arrived on earth 25,000 years ago and using their advanced technology, terraformed it so that biological life could emerge’ (Eileen, 1989). There have been several past attempts to plan, design and build the embassy at the scale that would not only be suitable to the Elohim but also showcase the multiple methods of using technology to improve human life further and to bring peace. Nevertheless, no attempt succeeded to carry out as so far. This project speculates the Elohim embassy on the Southgate Site in Huddersfield Town Centre. Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon and a member of the IRM) supported the project financially, and the Kirklees Council Huddersfield provided the site. The embassy will be opened to everyone who is interested in Raëlism. It will exhibit cutting edge researches on Elohim, and celebrate Raëlism. Aerian is a young believer and architecture student who is the lucky winner of one of the 5 golden tickets which provide people with the opportunity to visit the Elohim Embassy prior to the grand inauguration.