Benjamin Lewis Mundin

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


Exploration and representation of the unknown. Utilising one of Huddersfield's monolithic derelict pieces of 'architecture' which has stood present on the ring road for over five decades. The brief called for an establishment of futuristic proportions in which exploration and development of an unprecedented unknown field can take place and documented. The idea is to create a centre for public and private engagement while observation, investigation and development can occur alongside. In short, it is an exploration centre which brings Huddersfield to the forefront of technological and scientific advancement. The proposal utilises the existing architectural forms of the existing and produces unique yet radical forms on an architectural scale to what complement yet contrast to the existing townscape of Huddersfield. The centre itself takes on the premise of an icon, a landmark of sorts, whilst forming the sense of intrigue and questioning that this institute promotes. The known and the unknown, with a third quality being 'other' but the overall aspect of the theory is conveyed to the dualism. This theory has come to light following the rapid explosion of digital media as well as following/exploring the geo-social theories of Soja and Lefebvre.