Clement Tang

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


The main driver of this project was to identify the issues of missing biodiversity and how the Anthropocene has taken over in destroying and developing humanmade structures that are devoid of thinking about the biodiversity the development is replacing. This overdevelopment has caused the city to deteriorate environmentally and will continue so if the issue is not addressed. With the climate change, the City of Hull will soon be engulfed in flood from both the sea and river. In the long run Hull itself will become limited with land and will need to adopt a new way of living together with non-humans and strike a balance in reaping the benefits the natural world has to offer by treating the city as an Ark where there is variety and circulating ecosystem that works together with one another. Therefore, this project focused on creating habitats and ecosystems as a catalyst to help human be aware of the non-human creatures and also through creating interactions, allowing nature to be part of the solution to ongoing issues of human-dominated urban spaces.