Homayoun Javidrad

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


The wheels have been set in motion. During the past century, global warming has prompted a rapid acceleration in the sea level rise. The delay in response will bring severe consequences which, in particular, will result in the coastal cities to fall victims to the gradual coastal erosion and the coastlines to retreat further inland. Moreover, it will cause the loss of billions of pounds in property damage, but most importantly, the potential loss of lives, as it has been the case many times In the past. There is an urgent call for a large scale strategy to tackle this issue and get ahead before it is too late. This project envisions a city formed from a network of islands that have survived the flood and linked together through innovative design to create the next generation of resilient cities. The project explores how this link can be created between two islands. The new city proposal creates a new model for city design and can be adjusted to apply to all cities around the world. This new design language born out of necessity gives birth to a city that acknowledges and respect the natural elements.