Joe Robertshaw

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


The project is a visualised form that aims to emphasise the way I see architecture. The relationship between architects and designers should have with their clients/end-users of the space we create. Communication – a tool that is the passing of information, yet architects are trained to see communication only in the form of drawings and design, only being able to articulate what we can achieve for the client by physical carrying out the work before they are convinced to sign up with us. On the surface, you see a happiness research institute micro lab that is powered and financed by the production and sale of algae bio-energy. The money that is generated from the green energy is used to enable the local residents of Huddersfield the opportunity to build the enclosures/micro-spaces that they want and need to build the cultures and community in their town. Transforming the town into a co-create community based on social values, where the three main sectors of the town, the public, the industrial, and the university are all working together to design, supply, build, and operate the community that the town wants and needs. A creative, cultural, family-friendly town.