Marilena Agioti

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


This project aims to emphasise the needs for transport hubs in big cities and the ways of convenient daily transport. Four out of five journeys in the United Kingdom are made entirely by road including by trains, buses, taxis, cycling and walking. When streets are clogged and overcrowded they damage the health and economy of a city, therefore, the design and management of roads and infrastructure is a key to ensure that the city moves and improves the quality of urban life. This project focuses on encouraging more active travels. The hybrid model of walking with autonomous vehicles as public transport could have a huge impact on health, improving air quality as well as make better of road space. Additionally, the transport hub will serve the interchange between the transport modes with the capability to store the autonomous vehicles on-site and create accessible paths to other public transport services. The adoption of driverless vehicles can provide the opportunity of improved road safety, better use of road space and extended access to mobility. These developments will improve the efficiency of Yorkshire transport, the experience of passengers and the health and well-being of the city inhabitants.