Christalla Tavros

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


If we consider the earth and water as inherited commons, then they could be used as tools for the creation of a communal space that will promote social, cultural and material interactions created by and for their inhabitants. The importance of earth (land) and water is seen throughout the history of Cyprus. Given the looming environmental crisis, the two inherited commons are currently at risk; the land is suffering desertification while the seawater rises. The solution lies in its people.

The project proposes the redevelopment of a rural site. It creates a direct link between water and agriculture by distributing a network of small, energy-efficient desalination units, like pavilions in a large agri-park. A proposed agriculture school works in tandem with the water scheme to create an ecological cycle. This cycle will be achieved by creating a series of intertwined programmes and spaces within the site.

The project is set to become a pilot for the region, promoting awareness, education and understanding about the practical and symbolic significance of water in a time of acute shortage. It initiates a deeper understanding of the relationship between humans and water.