Cristian Halmaghe

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


The title of the project refers to a strategy of helping the homeless people of Brighton build their houses and community. The proposal comes as a reaction to the challenges Brighton is facing, such as high rent and house prices which increased the number of homeless people. The design principles mirror the city’s aspirations towards green developments and sustainability.

Permaculture philosophies are at the foundation of the design, interconnecting natural and artificial elements resulting in holistic development. Human lifestyle and wild habitats complement each other so the community can thrive.

The framework created uses the combined capability of charities and institutions with vast experience and focus it towards providing a clear path for homeless people to reintegrate into society. The training and support offered will help them build a self-sufficient community able to repay the initial investment.

The relationship with nature is a key aspect of the project. The design encourages a balanced lifestyle by creating interdependence between the residents and the surrounding habitats. Nature has a major role in the life of residents. It provides water, energy and food resources while also playing an important part in the process of healing past trauma.