Lun Fung Chan

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


The coastal city of Kingston upon Hull will be destroyed by flooding in the near future. Future official reports will state that it is too expensive and too difficult to save the city, and the decision is made to abandon the city and relocate the population elsewhere.

The citizens of Hull decide to keep the soul of Hull alive by constructing a floating Archive called 'The Vessel’, that will tell the story of Hull for future generations. Vessel means ship, which has a similar meaning to Hull. It also means a container for the soul of Hull. The project aims to create a place to reminisce about the past Hull, a place for the soul of Hull and a place to preserve and carry on the spirit of Hull.

This project is for the citizens of Hull, for people who love and are interested in Hull. The archive would need to accommodate quite a large number of people to run and maintain the facilities,  take part in the performances and keep the Hull archive going. These would be made up of volunteers from the Hull diaspora.