Alex Maxwell

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch

Modern Methods of Agriculture

Agriculture is a powerful tool that provides jobs and will end world hunger if adapted correctly to the modern age. Currently, agricultural methods are problematic and require drastic change. This project aims to set out a new standard of cultivation by introducing methods that contribute less greenhouse gases whilst using the natural resources available. Introducing insects farming, chickens farming hydroponics that produce the world’s most sourced crops, which includes soya beans.

Located in a remote rural village within East Yorkshire, Stamford Bridge provides an ideal location for environmental exploration. Drawing from current agricultural and architectural practices to understand how they can be combined to form powerful tools of earth remediation. This project situated on 6 acres on a flooded plane, produces in excess of 200 acres by utilising multiple levels and methods.

Whist this project is improving agriculture, it is also creating awareness in the local community by separately intriguing the space of farming and the public and having a stepped educational program.