Ana Stan

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch

The Consciousness versus Object’s Phenomena | A Celestial Exploration (CvOP)

This project was designed with a utopian futuristic scenario in mind as a result of striving to leave behind this era of environmental, political and sanitary crisis we live in. 

The project portrays a celestial flexible sphere around the Earth and is set in the year 2161, in a utopian post-singularity future, 200 years after the first human travelled in space to orbit around the Earth. It is a conceptual project about how all humans as collective agency can take more responsibility for managing Earth’s resources and protecting the planet while enlightening the human mind. This sphere is located in the Earth’s high Orbit, in the Geosynchronous Orbit, where it floats slowly above it at a matching pace at approx. 36,000km above Earth’s surface, and it has the purpose of protecting the planet from dangerous space debris and of cooling its temperature down by protecting it from solar radiation.

The proposal tries to explore environmental justice through architecture and to educate humans on the life of the living and non-living, bringing forward the concepts of Object-Oriented Ontology. The architecture of the CvOP Sphere is based on the observation of the unknown, the living and the non-living world and other people’s consciousnesses.