Eloise Bray

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch

[Im]possible Architecture | Exploration of the Fourth Dimension

Using traditional means of spacial representation based on geometrical truths, this design thesis challenges both the 3-dimensional boundaries of existence where human reality is situated and conventional methods of communicating spacial ideas. Referring and combining strands from three distinct artists with interesting architectural repercussions, it formulates a design project that not only creates a thoughtful narrative accommodating four-dimensional explorations but also questions the methods for spatial discourse and representation.

Using traditional architectural means of spatial representation based on geometrical truths, this thesis challenges the boundaries of the 3-dimensional plane of existence in which humanity situates its reality and the conventional methods of communicating spatial ideas.

Situated within the fourth dimension, a series of tessellating spaces have been discovered by emerging four-dimensional humans. Within these spaces, time and gravity have been manipulated to create a manifold in spacetime. The tesseracts defy our current geometrical boundaries to create a space that allows time and gravity to become characteristics that are easily interchangeable. It is unclear what triggered the next stage of human evolution, as time is no longer linear - could the origin of the next stage of evolution be situated in our future?