Erika Nagy

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch

School for Sfantu Gheorghe Community

This project aims to tackle the lack of access to education in the remote village of Sfantu Gheorghe from the Danube Delta in Romania. The remoteness of most villages is due to the landscape being 80% covered by water as well as it includes important conservation zones. Remote villages are often left with boats as their only means of transportation. Additionally, there is only one high school in the whole Delta. The context and regulations of the Danube Delta push families and their children of school age to migrate to more developed urban areas like Tulcea. The lack of qualified teachers is also strongly tied to the remoteness and lack of appropriate services.

The proposed project will enhance the overall wellness of the village by improving the harbour area, making different levels of education more accessible and offering appropriate spaces and resources for further qualification of the teachers. The design is highly informed by the vernacular such as the use of timber structure and reed roofing, as well as the dispersed layout style.