Flavius Octavian Cirstina

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch


The project proposes a series of augmented architectures in the context of music festivals in 2041. The project exemplifies the flexibility and adaptability of augmented stages generated around a physical venue. The project presents the benefits that this process can deliver to the audience as well as to the organisers. The event consists of a music event hosted in an event space meticulously designed to embrace various augmented architectural components. The design delivers an immersive experience to its users by using future real-time visual effect techniques based on augmented and mixed reality technology.

The design aims to produce a physical architectural building that can be used as the foundation for multiple and various augmented components. Those components consist mainly of architectural extensions of the existing venue. This process leads to countless architectural options for the organisers who will host events on this site. Moreover, the most impactful benefit of this augmented approach is that virtual architecture does not have to follow the traditional architectural constraints such as height, static material or even gravity.