Rehan Javed

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch

The Bradford Cybernetic City of Culture 2025

The project speculates cybernetics within architecture to create programmable spaces, how they can be created through user input, and how they evolve over time. The project also explores how users can influence and communicate with the architecture around them.

The purposes of the design and technological explorations are not just restricted to creating fun spaces but also allow for a chance to examine how these technologies can help the environment and whether they can create more sustainable spaces by having the freedom of flexibility within a place. The performance spaces can be used for exhibitions, and exhibition spaces can also be used for performances depending on the type of art intended. The screens and projectors can be used to showcase artwork, but at a later date could also be used for educational purposes.

The Bradford City of Culture 2025 bid plays a significant role within the design thesis as the temporary cybernetic city is designed for the city of culture bid, intended to expand over time. The components are designed so they can easily be adapted and re-used for the future successful city of culture bids.