Tom Daniel

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch

AquaLife | A flood resilient co-living development in the heart of Liverpool

Climate change is affecting the world, and architects must adapt to these changes in design. Architecture in the future must reflect the ever-changing environment, and adapt to changes in sea levels, temperature rises and material sparsity.

AquaLife looks at dealing with two problems, one being the threat of rising sea levels and the other being the lack of affordable housing. The project deals with the threat of rising sea levels by creating flood lagoons along the coastline of the River Mersey, as these lagoons will form as protection to the existing infrastructure. The lack of affordable housing is dealt with by creating a modular constructed development, which helps to reduce build costs and utilising a rent and mortgage scheme which allows people from all financial backgrounds to live within the development.

Located south of Liverpool City Centre, the masterplan reflects on the existing docks within Liverpool to create new artificial land that could become home to tourist-based structures that would feed the city centre, commercial and industrial outlets to improve job retention in the area or residential developments to deal with the lack of affordable housing within the city.