Vlad-Aurelian Cazacu

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 2) MArch

Colonizing Luna _[2171] 

Ever since humans have set foot on The Moon for the first time, pioneers of the industry have been aspiring to bring the experience even further. From building powerful spaceships to studying the available materials and climate conditions of the newly explored planet, they have strived to expand our knowledge and understanding of this satellite object orbiting around the Earth.

In the year 2171, we might have come to a point where we fly back and achieve more than just completing an exploration mission, but rather trying to achieve a favourable environment for us to stay in. Designing a feasible human settlement with the use of advanced technology is what this project strives to achieve. Additive manufacturing along with androids and other cutting-edge technologies will allow us to design and construct habitats for subsequent human occupation, hence minimising the possibility of radiation hazards for humans. In addition, this vision will facilitate the human aspiration for perpetual exploration.

This project will broaden our horizons, and push the limits of the technology and construction domains toward innovation and experimentation. It will represent a huge opportunity for architects to design and shape structures with a different approach to gravitational forces.