Ana Stan

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Melaka‘s Cultural Node

The location is an island site in the heart of Melaka, which is full of buildings with different cultural influences and places of worship. But what the area lacks is a gathering space for the cultures and tourists in which visitors can learn about Melaka from the locals. The ground level responds to Melaka’s hot climate: a sheltered outdoor seating area, vital for making the journeys of tourists and locals pleasant. The heart of the design is the performance stage to house Melaka’s cultural events.

Conwy Drama Theatre

The building has been designed to create an ethos which is contemplative and dynamic. Creating a dialogue between the town walls of Conwy and the design has facilitated the relationship between the surrounding natural landscape and the town centre. The proposed design is entirely inspired from actual, present structures. The existing openings in the wall stand as basis for the concept; penetrating the barrier of what was once a protective and impassable boundary. Going through the extruded arches in the wall that stand as symbols for portals to a ‘different world’ and entering a ‘breathing space’ is a defining experience.




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