Anh Tran

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Hotel and apartments, Ropewalks.

We were asked to design a building based on a specifically selected location, namely The Ropewalks in Liverpool. The design was intended to reflect the location’s identity, culture, and context and represent the Liverpudlian’s strong sense of tradition and community. In 1993, Urban Splash left its mark in Liverpool with their innovative project, Concert Square. They pursued sites with low values and converted previous commercial buildings into mixed-use. The result was a complex with flexible commercial spaces on the ground floor with 18 apartments above. Essentially, Concert Square created a new culture of eating and drinking within this newly forming area, which drew on the local’s strong sense of community.

My concept was to recreate Urban Splash’s Concert Square in a more sheltered environment. The design includes a ground floor full of commercial services (café, cafeteria, convenience store, etc...) and 6 floors of mixed-use space above (mainly hotel rooms and apartments). A comfortable environment for the community to flourish and hotel visitors to feel welcomed.