Cazacu Vlad-Aurelian

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Chinese Art gallery and School of Art, Melaka

The chosen site is located in the heart of the Chinese community, as the traditional Chinese art is present in each Chinese soul. Chinese artists use their imagination to create different interpretations of nature in their paintings, based on the Taoist doctrines that strive towards accomplishing harmony with nature. The gallery will be shelter for traditional Chinese paintings and those with an empathy for art will have the opportunity to take professional courses which will take place in the school of art.
The building shape is inspired from traditional Chinese art, the forms are resembling the mountains depicted in Chinese paintings. The entire design strives to mimic a traditional landscape painting, emphasizing the importance of implementing and reflecting nature in our designs.

Conwy Operetta

The concept for the operetta started from the local topography of Conwy. The design intention was to use the terrain contour in order to obtain a building which will belong to the surrounding landscape. Breaking the boundaries between nature and architecture stands as a base principal for the approach. Furthermore, the composition facilitates the access on site from the town centre through three existing openings in the wall.