Hammad Haider

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

The Sacred Link – Melaka, Malaysia

The building intends to be a fortress of faith, a community hub and a beacon of hope in the city. It combines a place of worship with a space for negotiation. It is a multi-faith centre, with the aim of creating religious and social dialogue, produce educational material, and encourage interaction between the religious diversity of the place.

The concept revolves around the sequence of spaces within an urban setting, where the visitor experiences a spiritual journey. Taking inspiration from the embedded courtyards within the local shophouse typology, as well as the traditional layout of the Siheyuan Prototype, the Multi-faith complex aims to be a little ‘city within a city.’

The activities within the centre provide nutrition for the whole body. The first stage is cultural nutrition where the mind and intellect is informed through a series of learning and teaching spaces. Thereafter with a combination of dining and courtyard spaces the body is refreshed with physical nutrition. This prepares the visitor for the final action of prayer which provides spiritual nutrition for the heart and soul - reconnecting the worshipper to a higher power in the realm of the heavens.