Juliana Ashaley

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

The new Riverwalk Cultural and Art Centre provides a safe, diverse, and harmonious environment for the people of Melaka, which aims to protect the heritage of Melaka for generations to come.

Conceptually the building explores space and light; two separate elements, which are evident within the plan and respond to the nature of the building’s wider setting. The division inside the spaces in the structure offers a myriad of chances to move around the structure.
The cultural and art centre has an intense environmental strategy, responding to the hot and humid climate. The central atrium spaces give complex possibilities for light to slice through the structure evoking openness and connectivity. The utilization of perforated bricks adds to the nature and quality of light permitted in portions of the spaces and provide an ever-present relationship with the surroundings

The facilities offered within the spaces are intended to attract a diverse clientele. Individuals of different races and religions and of all ages and inclinations are brought together in a safe and sharing environment. It is designed to engage the community and seeks to improve the quality of life of Melaka’s residents, whilst also enhancing the attractiveness of Melaka to visitors and investors.