Kaitlan Wayland

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Reprise Melaka – Cultural dance centre & Hostel. The plot is fairly small and there’s a prominent boundary shape that defines the overall building form. From this original shape, factors such as the environment and surrounding context helped define certain key spaces. The Jonker street night market atmosphere and décor also lent itself as inspiration. The perforated façade provides natural ventilation and cooling whilst also being a distinctive aesthetic feature, mimicking the lighting effect of the ubiquitous Chinese lanterns. The building is split into three parts with the hostel occupying the top two floors, the café in the middle and the dance centre on the lower floors. The open nature of the stage area allows the building to become a public space and highlights the different cultures of the town.

Conwy. The Uptown Performance Centre mimics the stepped nature of the site in Conwy by following contours of the topography. The building brings life to this side of Conwy, which not many people get to experience, and helps connect the rest of the town to its wider location by going through the historic town walls and reaching to the beautiful Conwy valley beyond.




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