Komal Ghatauray

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

The Creative Works, Liverpool
The building is a trades and crafts workshop located at the vibrant heart of the Ropewalks in the centre of Liverpool. The scheme aims to provide a space and the opportunity for people to learn craft skills from experienced members of the local community.

The main spaces in the building include group workshops, private studios, and gallery space for artists to exhibit their artwork. Studios and other spaces have been divided based on privacy requirements. The atrium at the centre of the building provides a visual connection between the different floor levels to enhance the connectivity between users and the sense of an artistic community

The concept was developed in response to the context, particularly around the strategic use of light. Due to north lighting being most preferred by artists and designers, windows have been included in the saw-tooth roof structures positioned north facing to provide the private studios with plenty of natural light, without causing glare and shadowing. Also, the gallery is positioned towards the north side of the building allowing the entrance of natural light whilst preventing the deterioration of delicate work on display, which could be caused by exposure to direct south light.