Kuen Lam

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

The project site is located in Conwy, which is a historical small town in North Wales. But what this town currently lacks is a community space. Therefore, the proposed project is a theatre, mainly to provide a venue for events, such as ‘’National Eisteddfod’.’ To achieve the idea of seeing through the architecture, the designed form was constructed by numbers horizontal planes and the glazed boxes defining the interior spaces. When people are walking through the harbour side, the architecture allows the people see through the building and know what is the event happening within those parallel planes.

The proposed site locates in the oldest district in Liverpool, which is Ropewalks area, this place has contained different cultural influences, the most interesting spot is Chinatown, it is the oldest such community in Europe. However, the existing Chinatown had become rather decayed and shabby. Therefore, the idea of this project is to reactivate Chinatown and bring it back to life. The proposed project brief is the amphitheater, the target users of the building are the Chinese and the surrounding education organisations. The purpose is to provide a community space for the Liverpudlian and Chinese society.



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