Marcin Burblis

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Architecture School Malacca
Located in heart of Malacca, the architecture school brings a new dimension to the life to the area while respecting the surrounding context. Bridging the Jonker Street and Jalal Tokong side street, creating movement network between them. The architectural character of this project is defined by the misaligned copper roof, used for ventilation, concrete panel cladding and the Merbau vertical shading. Aesthetics and the craft of making are expressed through the use of timber, concrete and glass to create a contemporary, vernacular tectonics.
The building features three key educational spaces along with administration office, café and exhibition space. Spaces are designed around the principle of lower ground being largely public, with exhibition spaces and cafeteria, while the upper spaces are more private with focus on architectural education.
Conwy E-Sports Hall
Planned on Conwy quay, the e-sports hall is aimed at bringing a younger generation of visitors into Conwy, and allows for community events and entertainment to be hosted within. The architecture is led by irregular misaligned triangular roof, with materiality combining timber frame structure, glazing and worn timber cladding. The spatial layout includes four key components, external performance space, café, intermediate performance space and e-sports hall.



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