Myint Myint

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Artist Studios and Gallery, Ropewalks, Liverpool The serpentine, origami-like building is composed of four different building volumes, nestling into the Ropewalks between adjacent buildings, allowing light to enter in any number of directions. The building has two qualities - the public part of the building, the exhibition areas, is designed to display an inviting gesture, whereas the private part of the building, the artists' studios and living spaces, maintains a certain level of privacy. The building envelope is designed to bring natural light into the inside spaces, to create a feeling, an atmosphere, a narrative and an architectural expression. Consistent use of concrete (made out of Portland cement) also enhances the industrial and brutalist character. The building design is inspired by Steven Holl’s and also Alvaro Siza’s buildings. The design objective is to create an art building of provocation and nonconformity reflecting in its design and spaces within the given context. The height/heights of the building complex are to complement the existing skyline. The art studios and gallery are also to emphasise the idea of an art building that embodies minimalism and which is reflected in the building’s internal organisation and its programme.