Perry Choy

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Malacca is a multicultural metropolis, with Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups reflecting the overall diverse cultural make-up of Malaysia. The selected site is located at the start of Jonker Street; a bustling Chinese sector, alive with a myriad of typical Chinese characteristics. In the Chinese New Year, the Chinese Dragon Dancers perform in front of each store and celebrate this important festival. The Chinese believe that performing the dragon dance during festivals and celebrations drives away evil spirits and ushers in good luck and blessings for the community. Therefore, the form of the design is inspired by the shapes evoked by the dragon dance.
For the surrounding context, the average temperature of Malacca is around 24°C because the sun angle is high (73.1 degrees) To avoid excessive solar energy entering into the building, Cantilevered space is provided on the south side, covering cafeteria at ground level and a reading area on the first floor. The site area is surrounded by two busy streets, which can be quite noisy. Therefore, planting trees on the north-west side provides a sound barrier, creating a tranquil reading environment for readers.