Stacey Barratt

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)

Koh Ceramics and Art Gallery, Melaka, Malaysia.

Addressing Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage Status and the importance of representing the comprehensive culture and history in the city’s tourism strategy, Koh Ceramics and Art Gallery aims to create a designated space along a cultural corridor of tourist attractions in order to appreciate the fine arts of Melaka. Influenced by their long tradition of decorative arts, particularly ceramics which have developed over centuries with varying styles, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Islamic, and Peranakan, the gallery exhibits a blend of historic and contemporary work, but with a greater emphasis on the latter, to modernise Melaka’s touristic offerings. Alternative media such as paintings and sculpture are exhibited too.

Situated beside the River Melaka, the development lies on an existing commercial site currently comprising a hotel, café, and seafood restaurant of an early modern style. However, the architectural style of each of the three buildings does not complement the existing urban environment. Therefore, the concept was derived from a desire to harmonise with the local context and place of Melaka successfully; influenced by prominent characteristics of typical Melakan housing. Rhythm, hierarchy, and materiality were essential architectural components to the final design for Koh Ceramics and Art Gallery.




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