Adriana Negrila

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)


The Wulong Village Cultural Heritage Centre is a contemporary architectural proposal for the newly redeveloped Chinese area. Located at the heart of the village, the building’s main features are the ceramic exhibitions and workshop, as well as the ‘Window to the past’ light installations.

The structure welcomes its visitors into an open space, dictated by a game of light and shadow, vertical circulation and fluid atmosphere. As the concept developed, apart from the leading functions, auxiliary areas have been designed, such as a minimal cafe, administrative rooms, lavatories and a plant room. 

The interior spatial arrangement is divided by a ramp that leads the guests to the underground level, where controlled artificial light transforms the exhibitions into walk-through, interactive art installations. The ancient ‘shadow trickery’  Chinese technique has been used to produce a transcendental experience, taking the visitors back in time, being paired with sounds, perfumes and fluctuating temperatures.