Cara Kinzelmann

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)


The process and product of agriculture influences many aspects of the community within Haiyan. This agricultural education centre and market space serve as a celebration of this. One structure below ground, which is first approached by locals, is a homage to their local traditions. Representing the process of farming, it contains exhibition space and classrooms to educate local youth. It is positioned below ground to give the impression that the structure is buried, like a seed. The interior is dark and atmospheric to further this ideology. Water trickles beneath the walkways, giving the impression of a root structure beneath the ‘floating’ floor.

The water that feeds into the lower structure is collected from above in the roof structure of the upper building, which is designed to mirror the mountain range on the horizon. This upper structure celebrates the product of farming. Its geometric form clashes with the organic nature of the lower structure, to make the connection between this structure and the urban grain of the village where the community resides. Within it, a market space trades produce, while a café cooks traditional dishes with locally sourced ingredients.