Gulmeyrem Yaman

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)


This project was about enhancing the culture of Chinese Batik wax printing and tye dying; understanding the history of their well-kept tradition. The Cultural Heritage Museum provides a space that encourages all ages to learn how to make Batik textiles encouraging the locals and tourists who attend the Confucious temple which the Cultural Heritage Museum is located. The project acknowledges the tradition in Yunnan and its importance to be kept within their culture.

The Museum includes studio spaces that allow the public to partake in making small samples of textiles. The Museum is designed as an open plan. The main entrance creates an essence into the past and presents and reveals the traditional Batik Wax Prints timeline with artefacts presented. Artefacts will also show whether the style of the pattern has changed as well. The inner open space allows an insight into the courtyard and creates a pause in the transition of the spaces. The façade explores this essence as it is designed to form as a cloth revealing the building into the past, and it attracts the viewers to the entrances.