Jamie Green

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)


Like how learning is a journey with multiple paths, ‘Journey through the arts’ allows for people to take a journey through learning a new skill within a series of courtyards. The skills taught on the site are taken from the six arts of Confucianism, which aims at creating a balanced life. These arts are calligraphy and music, which are taught within the centre of two courtyards. The other two courtyards function as a tea garden and exhibition hall. Each courtyard has a unique feature that creates different atmospheres in each courtyard. The tea garden is the entrance courtyard and combines the tea rooms with nature using sliding walls, combining indoor and outdoor spaces. The calligraphy courtyard links the change in height through the site with a ramp and waterfall. This creates movement within the courtyard and allows for the sound of the waterfall to be heard, helping to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. The smallest courtyard is the music courtyard and has an open teaching space to allow for music to be heard throughout the site. The final courtyard consists of a single larger building which is used as both an exhibition hall and an auditorium.