Lewis John Taylor

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)


The complex focuses on providing support for early-stage patients emphasising emotional, mental, financial, and living support. The complex consists of two interconnected buildings. The centre focuses on providing frontline support to patients and their families. It also houses the offices of HomeAID, a local AIDS charity that helps provide various forms of support to those suffering. The accommodation building is designed as sustainable, low-cost, low maintenance apartments that will help house those suffering financially due to their AIDS diagnosis. Both buildings are interconnected and lead out to the Zen Courtyard garden, which provides a safe a calming place for people to meet and help form a community free from prejudice of their conditions.

The design language is inspired by the ancient Chinese Feng Shui and serves to enhance the patient's Qi to aid in their recovery. This design influence is most pronounced in the centre with the smooth curved walls and hints of the different elements. This helps to create an overall positive and healthy living environment.