Mikzong Gurung

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)


The site is located in the small village of Yunnan province in China. I propose to design a community centre, that is the best possible to bring people together. Creating various facilities in the community centre like exhibition space, where people can exhibit their culture and tradition, will help educate the other ethnic group and attract more visitors to the village. A library where people can learn about Wulong village's history. It is a nursery for the kids to learn and play. Thus parents can go to work without worry, an event hall where people can celebrate their festival or different activities. In a workshop, people can learn how to make traditional wax cloth. A courtyard to connect with the traditional Chinese house and create more natural light into the building. 

Aim to encourage creativity and culture, Combating loneliness, offer educational opportunities, social skills, communication skills, improve confidence, boost the local economy and promote healthy living.