Subhaan Mushtaq

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons)


The Nexus is a community centre that creates connections among people through activities and workshops. As the visitors approach the building, the smooth paths direct them towards the main entrances. The lower levels have an open plan design with more public spaces, whilst the upper floor has enclosed private spaces. This theme of hierarchy makes the building more comfortable to approach as it provides some familiarity. The connection is established in the design via the courtyard, which is reminiscent of the courtyards found in the houses of Haiyan village. The three zones: the village, the building, and the forest are blended together flawlessly, making the transition between each zone smooth and comfortable.

A café and a library are present on the ground floor, complemented by the peaceful views of the forest. There are 5 studios on the upper level, a lecture hall and an art gallery surrounding the courtyard, a bridge over the courtyard connects all the areas. People will learn from each other about the culture and history of Haiyan village; they will take the lessons learnt from the community centre and spread the knowledge to where they go next.