Abigail Lee

Graphic Design and Animation BA(Hons)

When we think about pollution, global warming and the current climate crisis, our first thoughts are usually carbon-spewing into the atmosphere from automotive travel, factories, burning fossil fuels and plastic in our oceans. What we don’t often think of is the fashion industry, despite it being the most environmentally damaging industry, second only to coal. This project promotes ethical and eco-conscious fashion consumption, changing people’s consumer habits. The brand named Ifti (a play on the word ‘thrifty’) promotes clothing recycling and donation in a fun and appealing way to ensure clothing does not end up in landfill, through free donation bags and donation boxes. It also sells vintage, ethical, sustainable and re-loved (upcycled) clothing. Consumers can shop on the app or website as well as read blog posts, graphics on social media and posters that promote sustainable shopping and raise fast fashion awareness!