Zakk Haslam

Graphic Design and Animation BA(Hons)

Folklore for Modern Folk and New Wave Bauhaus are two projects that respectively develop underexplored ideas of seemingly worn out narratives. This is a theme that runs throughout my design practice. Firstly, Folklore for Modern Folk is a companion for everyday life. It is a bridge between the mundane and the fascinating, the real and unreal. The project guides us to see the fascinating side of everyday life through British folklore. Using marginalia and inserts in a hand-bound publication, a new narrative of daily life is expressed to alter our outlook on the everyday. Secondly, in New Wave Bauhaus, I explore the idea that the Bauhaus is many things at once. The Bauhaus is structured and architectural and yet also androgynous and mysterious. This retrospective analysis of the Bauhaus and its associated signifiers draws parallels between heterogeneous topics of culture and subculture as well as alternative music produced during the New Wave and Post Punk era between 1976 and 1985.