Trinity Morley

Graphic Design and Animation BA(Hons)

The future of organic technology is the start of a new era and organic technology is an ever-changing topic of discussion. This project was a chance to experiment with the knowledge I had and the research I had done to create my own organic technology through design which will educate humanity on the positive changes we can make to our world. Using science fiction as the main influence to create a journal that educates and inspires the world to be better. This also allowed me to accomplish an intricate design portfolio that expresses and educates humanity on the importance of organic technology and how it could become the future. This project has multiple organic and technologically advanced designs which are combined with insects and humans both designed by hand and digitally. The project also includes a depiction of how I perceived organic technology within an augmented human and with the use of common insects. Using insects as a base for the human augmentation designs allowed me to create a story based around global warming that suited the designed for an augmented world and the extinction of bees that are witnessed today.