Daniel Rizk

Graphic Design and Animation BA(Hons)

Future Type speculates how typography could evolve alongside humans 500 thousand years from now.

The project idea was inspired by Dougal Dixon’s Man After Man, which explores how humans could diverge into different species and convergently evolve traits from animals that exist today. A surprising amount of animals view the world through ultraviolet light, such as caribou, bees and many species of bird, whilst many other species of animal are blind such as blind mole rats and the Texas blind Salamander.

The final typeface is a runic language used between three species of speculative hominin, the blind Homo Aquatera, the ultraviolet seeing Homo Indothalis, as well as Homo Sapiens, which have now existed in this speculative future for 700 thousand years, almost as long as our ancestor Homo Erectus. Each rune can be read by the human eye, felt like braille, but also glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.