Natalia Lesiak

Graphic Design and Animation BA(Hons)

My project is a computer game concept that explores the different types of memory whilst improving yours. The game combines the fun of a platformer with the challenge of a brain training game. Each level would represent a different type of memory such as sound or touch memory and the level will visually represent that type as well as tailor the memory games and platformer tasks you need to complete. This game will bring fun to memory training as some memory games can appear too academic or too simple and the player loses interest quickly. Our memories are pieces of treasure that represent ourselves and our lives, but we often forget to treasure them. This game helps to improve your memory but also to store your memories because on completing the levels you unlock a digital memory journal. The deliverables for my project are the branding for my game as well as a promotional video which highlights all the key aspects of ‘Memoriam’.

(This game is a concept only and therefore the PEGI rating and Steam Logo are used for mock up purposes only)