Rhyan Clarke

Graphic Design BA(Hons)

CRØSS WIRED is a clothing brand designed to be an informal conversation starter for Tourette’s Syndrome. The easiest way to start a conversation is to compliment someone on their clothing - and through this, there is a space to begin these conversations.

It is common to think of Tourette's as a swearing condition. However, Tourette’s Syndrome is a 'tic' disorder that can take many forms, rather than just coprolalia (the swearing tic). Although the condition only affects 1 in 162 people, half of those are undiagnosed cases. Tourette’s is most commonly diagnosed in childhood, but teenagers are the least represented demographic in awareness campaigns and online support.
CRØSS WIRED is aimed towards this underrepresented group, and distributes their clothing through a PR box direct to influencers and those with Tourette's Syndrome.