Isabel Prince

Graphic Design BA(Hons)

The work is based around my own Club that I created named 'Sounds'. The club is centred around the genre of Dance/Techno music and is targeted at students and people aged between 20-30. It is also located at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester which is a highly popular venue for events. The work demonstrates the club branding and projections which would be featured in and around the club. As I wanted to produce something that was unique and different to other clubs, it was also seen as an art space and immersive experience.

The branding involved typical assets you would see in a club such as tickets, wristbands and drinks cups but also branding which staff members could wear which was t-shirts and ID Cards. In terms of designs I took inspiration from Studio Moross who created campaigns for Warehouse Project and MTV and around the dance/techno genre I researched into existing rave scene and dance posters which heavily influenced my own work. The artwork had a futuristic and abstract feel to it which involved a set of visuals paired with each style of typography and a set of icons. As social media is so popular in promoting content and events I decided to create my own Instagram account which promoted each specific DJ event through posts and stories.