Abbie Gawtry

Interior Design BA(Hons)

Canalside is a firm believer that although there is no current cure for Dementia, the disease is not untreatable. By creating a stimulating yet comfortable environment for individuals affected by the disease, it will encourage social interaction and engagement in everyday meaningful activities. A safe and tactile environment that will allow users to regain their sense of self and independence.

The space provides a personalised experience to safely allow Dementia sufferers to work on their strengths and rediscover skills, to address any cognitive difficulties induced by the disease. A combined effort of individuals diagnosed with Dementia and their families, it will encourage social and practical support to promote positive relationships and a community within.

The driving concept for the day centre is “A walk along the canal”. The local history and surroundings inspired the design as the site is linked to the Huddersfield Narrow canal.

I have a passion for design visualisation. My approach to envisioning interior spaces is led by the impact of the experience to be had within them. I have aspirations for a position that will challenge my CAD abilities but will also permit me to explore my creative talents. The aim is to develop my skills further whilst bringing my own individuality to the design process. Seeking work in commercial design, located in Yorkshire and North West England.